Navigating Challenges

Sometimes your goals seem mutually exclusive:
expanding to new markets, adapting to competition and creating new business models all the while that you are increasing profitability.

A partnership with FlexThings brings experience and expertise in technology, innovation, and business processes to your projects. FlexThings helps companies discover innovations and apply them productively. FlexThings helps companies understand the value of new technologies and how to exploit them.

FlexThings helps your company navigate today's technology and business challenges.


FlexThings helps customers understand the value of IOT, PLM, & Augmented Reality and accompanies you through the innovation process.

Leverage Technology

Technology will transform your business if applied thoughtfully & deliberately. FlexThings can show you how to leverage transformative technologies.

Get it Done

FlexThings is your business partner. We make the journey with you. Your team can rely on our experience & expertise throughout your project.

FlexThings is a young startup focused on new technologies. Its aim is to help customers drive their transition to new value-added technologies using flexible structures and easy to implement solutions.

Our team partners with your team from the very beginning. FlexThings Innovation Workshops build an understanding of key technologies, develop objectives and priorities, and create a realistic roadmap.

FlexThings is there to architect the solution with you. We create a solution matching your real-world scenario.

We help you to evaluate the interests of your customers and to develop a value-based roadmap.

FlexThings can develop a complete & integrated IoT-based solution for your business.

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