Fleet management with AppiCAR

FlextThings fleet management application, AppiCar, helps companies manage their resources & personnel. It provides your company with tools to increase productivity, improve service, and simultaneously reduce costs.


Gain full control of your fleet. AppiCar provides real-time positioning of every vehicle. With AppiCar's control configurations, you can manage your fleet for correct geographic zone controls as well as correct operating hours controls. AppiCar provides optimized routing to lower fuel costs, reduce travel time, and improve driver alertness. Your system will also provide the data you need to dispatch the closest available vehicle to a customer site which can reduce response times and improve customer satisfaction.

Better, safer Drivers

Your company can improve driver performance and safety with AppiCar. The system assists drivers in respecting internal standards as well as legal regulations on the road. AppiCar detects and reports excessive speeds as well as excessively fast accelerating and sudden, hard braking.These abilities help your company improve driver performance with timely feedback and allows you to identify requirements for specialized training.

Optimized maintenance

AppiCar allows you to easily track maintenance information for every vehicle. You'll have a complete, up-to-date history of maintenance for the entire fleet and you can schedule maintenance to limit disruptions and improve fleet availability. And with this fleet data, you are able to optimize the numbers and conditions of your long-term rentals.

Improved Customer Relations

Reducing reaction times and improving delivery services leads to higher customer satisfaction levels. AppiCar allows your team to provide more reactive responses especially in the case of unplanned changes. Management can monitor customer interactions in real-time and work with complete, up-to-date customer relations data.

Improved Efficiency

With AppiCar, your team is more effective. AppiCar gives you the ability to monitor all of your relevant fleet information in real-time. It automates data collection, analysis, and reporting. You can ensure that the right data is delivered internally to the teams and managers who require it. And AppiCar supports efficiencies across your enterprise, from management to drivers, and improves the efficiency and working conditions for the entire team.

Easily adapted to your business

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