Smart, Leading-edge Technologies

By linking Smart connected devices into a complete information system (PLM) that features intelligent systems in machine learning and augmented reality interfaces for distributing information and intelligence where it is needed (consumed), companies can envision “game-changing” enhancements to their business processes.

Productivity platform

PLM is the information backbone for companies that design, develop and manufacture products. PLM manages all aspects of a product’s lifecycle and allows companies to streamline business processes.

PLM adoption over the last decade has increased the competitiveness of countless companies. It has also laid the foundation for implementing new technologies such as Augmented Reality and Internet of Things technologies that are capable of changing the way your business works.

Deployable intelligence

Augmented Reality is the technology that allows companies to deploy the depth of information contained in their PLM systems to people who need it, where they need it, and when they need it.

Augmented Reality (A/R) delivers the intelligence build into your systems and processes to your teams in a visual, intuitive and productive way. A/R delivers your business intelligence to the edges of your organization. That might be for field service, for product development, in the sales room, or on the factory floor.

A better view of reality

The Internet of Things (IoT) technologies build intelligence and connectivity into the products you design. IoT technologies increase the quantity and fidelity of information in a company’s PLM system which enables new levels of customer engagement, customer support, and even new relationships and business models with customers.

IoT feeds your organization with real-world performance data about your products and their usage. The information might allow your company to optimize fleet management or implement preventative field service. IoT technologies provide your company with business opportunities which were never possible before.

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